Replacing Electroplated Effect Paint Resin

Replacing Electroplated Effect Paint Resin
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Replacing Electroplated Effect Paint Resin

Replacing Electroplated Effect Paint Resin

Replacing Electroplated Effect Paint Resin

Besides special film decoration effect, the coating made by this Replacing Electroplated Effect Paint Resin has very good light, weather resistance and boiling resistance.

Test item


AppearanceClear and Transparent
Color Values2
Solid Content22±1%
TG Values85
Resistance to Alcohol50 times
Dry time-by touch5 mins (25)
Dry time-harden30 mins (relative humidity 70%)

It makes aluminum powder and pearl pigment more fine and show great metal effect by adding aluminum powder or pearl pigment, as decorated paint, directly spray on the surface of ABS, PS, Wood materials and primered metal to get the electroplated effect. Fast dry and good adhesion with excellent properties of resistance to light, weather, alcohol, scratch, not contain heavy metal such as Pb, Cr.


● Plastics, Wood and Primered metal.


● Keep the brushed surface clean, thoroughly dry and out of oil and wax.

Formula for making paint



Aluminum Paste




Formula for making thinner

Ethyl Ester55%
n-Butyl Alcohol25%

●    Spraying by adding 1:3 thinner, decreasing the quantity of solvent or adjust the portion of solvent to avoid the damage of some plastic base.

●    In summer, according to real condition, adding suitable quantity of BCS (referenced qty 10%) to spray by 1:1 thinner.

Good resin needs good pigment to be paired with, here by the way introduce a few kinds Merck product series for reference.


MirravalR: There's a new star on the horizon in the miravalr cosmic portfolio. following the launch of our gold and bronze pigments, we are proud to present the third marvel: miravalr cosmic silver. as the latest of an exciting new generation of effect pigments based on calcium aluminum borosilicate, it's ideal for prints and plastics.

The mysteries of the universe appears to unfold with this pigments. Its deep silver sparkle offers outstanding coverage and looks best against dark backgrounds. It won’t just tempt designers with its extreme brilliance and highly glossy finish. It’s many unique styling possibilities and application options are every bit as captivating- it even complies with food packaging regulations.

MiravalR pigments consist of specially coated synthetic borosilicate flakes. Owing to a protective silica layer, the platelets boast a very smooth, regular surface, which is why the pigments offer such intense color purity. The protective layer also increases mechanical stability and gloss and gives the platelets nicely rounded edges. Of course, it’s very easy to work with the pigments to achieve a great variety of impressive silver effects.

Used on its own, it’s a shooting star for prints and plastics. Like rare stardust, a little will go a long way. With high impact at low concentrations, MiravalR Cosmic Silver offers excellent value for sensational effects. On the other hand, larger amounts added to other effect pigments or colorants deliver appeal that’s out of this world. What’s the secret behind its intense chrome charm? Very thin calcium aluminum borosilicate platelets, innovatively coated with metal oxides for the pigment’s unique glow. Our special production process then takes it to new heights, giving the pigments its extraordinary brilliance and powerful appeal. Thanks to the incredible coverage it offers, it’s a great way to add an unprecedented, highly brilliant, pure-silver effect to fine products.