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What is high hardness silicon resin?

Silicone resin is a thermosetting polysiloxane polymer with a highly crosslinked structure. It has the dual characteristics of organic resin and inorganic materials. It has unique physical and chemical properties, good electrical insulation properties, and temperature resistance. Waterproof effect.

High hardness silicon resin weather resistance is better than general organic resins. Therefore, it is an ideal material for coating the surface layer of the heat-resistant, heat-resistant and moisture-proof treatment.

Silicone classification silicone is a cross-linked semi-inorganic polymer in which silicon-oxygen-silicon is the main chain and an organic group is bonded to the silicon atom. It is a direct process for the production of silicone monomer silicone resin with outstanding weather resistance, which is unmatched by any kind of organic resin. Even under strong ultraviolet light, silicone resin is resistant to yellowing. Silicone adhesives silicone adhesives can be classified into silicone based adhesives and silicone rubber based adhesives. The former is mainly used for bonding metals and heat resistant silicones to iron, aluminum and tin. The metal bonding performance is good, and it is easy to bond to glass and ceramics, but the adhesion to copper is poor. A silicone adhesive based on pure silicone.

High Hardness Silicon Resin