Resin For Improvement Of Adhesion

Resin For Improvement Of Adhesion
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Resin For Improvement of Adhesion

Resin For Improvement of Adhesion

Resin For Improvement of Adhesion

Resin For Improvement of Adhesion, can be used alone in the production of anti corrosive paint, can also be used with other resin, to improve coating adsorption performance to substrate.

Technical Index:

Composition:Water based epoxy phosphate resin,cosolvent,water

Appearance:milky yellow liquid

Non-Volatile Matters(%):44±2

Viscosity(m Pa.s):≤300


Diluted by water:infinite dilution


Particle Charge:anionic


Low VOC,good dryness,and excellent early water resistance;

Improvement of the wet adhesion by base material deactivation;

Good adhesion to galvanized and aluminized base materials,etc.;

Good mechanical stability and storage stability.


This product is used for production of water based primer topcoat coatings and metal protective coatings(with water based epoxy ester resin)


The product can be stably stored under alkaline condition,and will settle down under acidic conditions,especially when acidic pigment is added.The shelf life is 6 months,and the expired products can be used after passing the inspections.