Acrylic Resin Sealing Blocking Agent

Acrylic Resin Sealing Blocking Agent
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Acrylic Resin Sealing Blocking Agent


Acrylic Resin Sealing Blocking Agent

Acrylic Resin Sealing Blocking Agent, coating made by this resin can be used in substrates of hardware fittings, glass.

Technical Index

Appearance:Water white to light yellow viscous liquid

Non-Volatile matter:55±1%


The resin is a waterthinnable acrylic resin,and can be diluted with deionized water.The diluted resin is transparent,and stored stably. If the emulsion which a lot of water is added to is not transparent,N,N dimethylethalmaine(DEMA)can be used to adjust it until it is transparent.The viscosity of the liquid will increase as the pH value increases.


The resin can be diluted by water to form a uniform solution system,which can be used to make the self-dry film.Its performance can be raised by baking.The paint film has excellent leveling,drying and sealing properties,abrasion resistance and anti-rust ability,and therefore can be used for sealing after coating blacking at normal temperature,rust prevention of galvanized,phosphatizd and black metal by sealing,treatment of copper and gold plated silver layer for color change prevention,and sealing of nonferrous metal oxidation film and anodization film.

Butyl cellosolve can improve its film forming property.The recommended consumption is about 5-20%.Please determine the consumption experimentally.


The resin shoud be stored in a cool place.Its shelf life is one year,and the expired products can still be used after passing the inspections.


The specification will be revised with the product quality improvement.