Aqueous Resin For Steel Structure Coating

Aqueous Resin For Steel Structure Coating
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Aqueous Resin For Steel Structure Coating

Aqueous Resin For Steel Structure Coating

Aqueous Resin For Steel Structure Coating

Aqueous Resin For Steel Structure Coating is used to make all kinds of anti-corrosive, anti-rust metal protective coatings.


● Good storage stability,no ease to hydrolyze;

● Environmentfriendly product,VOC of less than 7%;

● Fast dry,and excellent gloss;

● This product contains drier,so it is unnecessary to add drier during paint preparation;

● Excellent shear stability,and can directly use for pigment paste grinding;

● Excellent anti-corrosivity,and good initial water resistance;

● The finished product paint has good versatility and good in-can appearance,and can replace oil based alkyd anti-rust paint,alkyd ready mixed paint,alkyd enamel,etc

Technical Index:

Product Type:fast dry modified alkyd resin

Emulsion Composition:Water based alkyd resin,cosolvent,neutralizer,water


Non-Volatile Matters:42±2%(GB/T 1725)

PH value:8.0-10.5

Appearance:white to light brown emulsion



1. This product has excellent shear stability,and can directly be used for pigment paste grinding.

2. Water based drier has been added to this water based alkyd emulsion.The drier consumption is 5%-1%of solid content of the emulsion.

3. It has good compatibility with other water based emulsions.

4. This product can be directly grinded with pigments and fillers,but it is necessary to perform the compatibility test because different acidic or basic pigment fillers may be used.

5. It has excellent rust resistance in the primer,especially under action of antirust pigment.The best filler is talc powder or kaolin.Calcium carbonate is avoided.

6. The finished product paint must be stored under alkaline condition,at pH between 7.5 and 8.5.The pH value can be adjusted by ammonia water,triethylamine or N,N dimethyl ethanolamine(DMEA).

7. Before use,the product can be diluted by deionized water.Tap water can also be used after passing the test.

8. This product has high gloss and anti-corrosion performance,and can be used for preparation of enamel,mixed paint and antirust primer.


The product should be stored in a cool place below 38℃,and protected from freezing in winter.Its shelf life is 6 months,and the expired products still can be used if passing the inspection

Varnish Basic Properties


Test resullt

Reference value


Non-Volatile Matters



GB/T 1725-2007

Surface Drying Time

20-30 min


GB/T 1728-1979

Hard Drying Time



GB/T 1728-1979

Pencil Hardness(7days)



GB/T 1730-1993




GB/T 1743-2007

50 cm impact(7days)



GB/T 1732-1993


1 mm


GB/T 1732-1993

Adhesion(Cross-cut tape test)

Grade 0


GB/T 1720-1993

Water Resistance

18h,slightly white,able to recover


GB/T 1733-1993

120 Solvent Oil Resistance



GB/T 1934-1993