PU Resin Matte Effect

PU Resin Matte Effect
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PU Resin Matte Effect

PU Resin Matte Effect

PU Resin Matte Effect

 PU Resin Matte Effect, this kind of resin can be made into paint or coating with matte effect as needed.

Technical Index

Feature: aliphatic series anionic(two component)


Appearance:translucent emulsion

PH Value(1/10):7-9

Solid Content(%):33±1


This product is a two component aliphatic series anionic water based PU resin,and an environment-friendly PU resin for baking varnish for metal and wood lacquer.

(1) Used for matte baking varnish for metal or wood lacquer;

(2) Fast dry;

(3) Good adhesion;

(4) High hardness;

(5) Matte effect without matting powder;


Painting method:roller coating,brush coating,and spraying

Paint-to-curing agent ratio=10:1

Note:Stir the resin evenly before use.Dilute it by water or thicken it with thickener to till the required viscosity if necessary.

Package and storage

Packing:50 kg/plastic drum,1000 kg/plastic barrel


(1) Stored in a sealed container

(2) Recommended storage temperature:5-35℃

(3) Avoid freezing,heat and foreign dirt.

(4) Shelf life:6 months in an intact package from the production date.