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Chinese Anion Coating Expert Visits American Coatings Enterprises

In January 2015, China initiated by Chinese Building Decoration Materials Association Branch of architectural coatings coatings business exchange activities kicked off, Chinese Building Decoration Association of architectural coatings branch of former Secretary General Wu Yingjun, the well-known negative ion coatings expert Song Mingzheng visited many famous American paint companies visit exchanges. As Mr. chairman Sibrel Ron has a history of half a century of American famous architectural coatings manufacturer Life Paint, chief executive of David Sibrel, director of sales and marketing Ray Peters cordial reception Chinese delegation. Wu Yingjun graduated from Tsinghua University in early years, and has been engaged in the research and research of coating technology. In 80s, he invented the famous multicolor paint, which once caused great sensation in the industry. Song Mingzheng graduated from Beijing University of Architecture Department of management engineering, research and management work after graduation has been engaged in the construction of pollution sources, have explored the method using passive negative ion air purification materials, widely used in the current pollution control industry, and the invention of using negative ion paint mineral material. Song Mingzheng is an expert China negative ion coating industry.