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Environmentally Friendly Coatings Will Outpace The Development Of The Whole Coatings Industry

Based on a report released by China National Coatings Industry Association, China’s total coatings output was 17.2 million tons in 2015, increased by 4.2 percent over 2014.

The association estimated that China’s total coatings output in 2016 will be 18 million tons, which will only be a 5 percent increase over 2015. Apparently relatively slow, which is less than two figures, but stable growth will be the new phenomenon for China’s coating industry in the near future. The thirteenth five years plan for the China coatings industry mention that environmental friendly coatings varieties will consist of 57 percent of total coatings output in China by 2020. With the government pushing China’s whole economy towards environmentally friendly, coatings varieties with low VOC or no VOC will outpace the whole coatings industry’s development in China