Waterborne Acrylic Resin Paper Ink

Waterborne Acrylic Resin Paper Ink
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Waterborne Acrylic Resin Paper Ink

Waterborne Acrylic Resin Paper Ink

Waterborne Acrylic Resin Paper Ink

Ink produced with waterborne Acrylic Resin Paper Ink has very good transparency, high gloss and viscosity stability, is very cost effective. 

Technical Index:

Appearance:Transparent Solid

Solid Content(%):>99%

acid value:238

Softening Point(℃):105

Average Molecular Weight:1700


Resin Properties:

Low Molecular Weight;

Excellent Permanence of Gloss;

Good Anti-sticking

Series of Resin Properties:

(1)The resin performance is closer to the design requirements because complete polymerization effectively reduces the monomer residue content.

(2)Special film former is grafted to the resin during polymerization to provide more outstanding film forming property,keep a higher glass transition temperature and eliminate the contradiction between film formation and temperature resistance.

(3)It enhances the solubility of resinol solutes,so it can be used as binder for solute oil production.

(4)It can be used for emulsification protection in acrylic acid emulsion polymerization because of its good emulsibility and stability.

(5)It can be used as main ingredient for production of aqueous glaze oil because of its excellent transparency,film forming property and high gloss.

Series of Resin Applications:

(1)It can be used as grinding resin to easily produce the colour paste with high pigment content because of its outstanding pigment wettability and color development,especially better black carbon,white titanium pigment,phthalocyanine and azo pigment dispersibility.

(2)It can be used alone as binder for aqueous ink or solvent ink because of its excellent film forming property.

(3)Because of its good adhesion to clean surface,the aqueous ink made from it can be used to print on coating paper and art paper,and the solvent ink made from it can be used to print on smooth base material.

(4)It applies to high speed print because of its good print comfortability and fast dry speed.

(5)It is very miscible with other aqueous resin and acrylic acid emulsion.

(6)It has good water resistance.


Pigment grinding;varnish;Water based ink with high gloss and solid content

(1)It is used as high grade aqueous ink or solvent grinding resin

(2)It is used for production of production of aqueous ink to print on decorative paper,waterproof paper,plastic film,etc.

(3)It is used as resin for grind resin for solvent ink.

(4)It is used for supporting ink for acrylic acid emulsion.

(5)It is used for production of water-borne light oil.